Hawks interested in Ilgauskas?

Michael Cunningham reported that the Hawks are expected to be among the suitors for former Cavaliers center Zydrunas Ilgauskas. Ilgauskas was traded to Washington in the Antawn Jamison trade and is expected to be bought out by the Wizards. While it is widely assmued that Ilgauskas will return to Cleveland once the 30 day waiting period has expired. However, it also appears that teams like Dallas, Denver, and perhaps Atlanta are going to bid for his services. I want to caution that in the Cunningham post he doesn’t actually say that management said that we would be interested, just that we are expected to be interested. That is two very different things. It makes a ton of sense for the Hawks. Ilgauskas is a legit 7 footer with a ton of experience and of course if we got him it would prevent him from going back to Cleveland. The Hawks have carried the league minimum 13 players all season.


I didn’t notice this before I put up my post but hoopinion has a great piece detailing his take on this.

  • KWillis

    The more I think about this, the more I don’t see it. Sure the Hawks would be interested but probably at no more than the veterans minimum salary. They probably are not going to actually outbid someone for Ilgauskas.

  • KWillis

    Another update, Real GM now reports that Ilgauskas’ agent says:

    The center’s agent, Herb Rudoy, says the Hawks are among the teams Ilgauskas would consider.

    Still not happening unless the Hawks get ready to open up the bank vault.