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NBA: Bucks vs Hawks MAR 22
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Surprise! Mike Woodson wants you to attend Hawks games and actually cheer for the home team. You know what? He is right. Atlanta fans should embrace this team during the regular season and not just in the playoffs.

Per a Michael Cunningham article on AJC.com :

“It shouldn’t be that way,” “There [are] enough people in this city to support the Hawks. I think we are a fun team to watch. We’ve grown definitely over the years, from the time we started to where we are today. – Hawks Coach Mike Woodson

Tonight’s game is a perfect example as the Lakers come to town to take on the Hawks. If history holds there will be a lot of Lakers fans at the game. That is fine but they should not under no circumstance out number the home fans. Which has commonly been the case when teams like Cleveland and even the Celtics in the past. Granted I don’t hear a lot of cheers for the Celtics since the playoff match up two seasons ago in much the same way that Dwayne Wade is now booed at Phillips. There was however a time when the opposing team got a lot more cheers than the home team and it still happens on occasion.

So to answer MC’s question as to what the Hawks blog people think of Woody’s statement. I agree with him completely. This has become to common place in Atlanta sports. It is not uncommon at Turner Field or the Georgia Dome but those cheers have never been as loud there as they have at Phillips Arena. This Hawks team deserves more support from its home fans. Showing up tonight to cheer on Kobe and Lakers is not the answer. You would think that a team that was on the verge of winning 50 games for the first time since the 97-98 season wouldn’t have to campaign for the fans in their own building.

So to coach Woodson I say good job for going public and sticking up for his team because the certainly deserve it but will offer my advice to him and the team. If you want these guys to stop cheering the other team then the best way to fix that is to win. It worked in the series against Boston. True the Hawks didn’t win the series but by the end of it a lot of the people that went to Phillips to catch a glimpse of the Celtics came away full blown Hawks fans once again. If you want them to stop cheering for LeBron and Kobe, then give them a reason and how about starting tonight?

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  • http://coco-vents.blogspot.com Co Co

    You know the problem may actually be something deeper. They charge more for “marquee home games” Those games include, Lakers, Celtic, and Cavs. Now, to me that is a slap in the face of the home town fans. Why should they have to pay more money just because the Lakers are in town? The Hawks as an organization hold certain games in esteem because they know those games will sell anyway. So, if you’re a Hawks fan who can pay something reasonable to see them play any of the other 26 teams, you may not be motivated to pay more just because Kobe or LeBron is in town. That means there are more tickets for the people who aren’t necessarily Hawks fans to begin with. And there are plenty of those since Atlanta is such a transplant city. But, aside from that, the Lakers get cheers pretty much everywhere they go. They chanted MVP for Kobe in the Boston Garden a few years ago, so I don’t know that there will ever be a time when Lakers don’t have a significant number of fans everywhere they go. I can say that over the last two years (Hawks wins) A lot of people came in the arena as Lakers fans, but before the game was over they were cheering for the Hawks. That’s trifling, but whatever.

  • Kris Willis

    You are never going to win the battle completely. The best example was probably Detroit during their championship years but the Celtics, Lakers, LeBron is always going to have fans where ever they go.

    How much more are the tickets for those games? I wasn’t aware that there was an increase in price. Did you have to buy tickets to those games in a package similar to what I think the Braves did one year if you wanted Red Sox or Yankees tickets?

  • http://coco-vents.blogspot.com Co Co

    Here’s my response.
    The cheapest ones are $25 more than usual. So I assume the others are inflated about the same.

  • http://coco-vents.blogspot.com Co Co

    I did a little research on ticketmaster and they are at least $15 more than normal.