Mike Bibby and Jason Collins Scouting Reports

NBA Playbook is doing their player by player scouting reports, and they have a few players up on their website.  Mike Bibby and Jason Collins are the two Hawks players who have scouting reports up on the site at this point in time.  Here is the scouting report for Mike Bibby

Overall, I think they hit the nail on the head with Mike.  He is clearly a declining player as you can see by his inability to create his own shot at this point in his career.  However, he does have his pluses still.  As they state, Mike protects the basketball and is still a high level spot up jump shooter.  The Hawks have an interesting dichotomy at the point guard position.  Offensively, Mike Bibby is the guy who will protect the basketball and shot an above average percentage from the field.  Jeff Teague is more of an up tempo guy that will create his own shot, attack the basket, and will turn the ball over at a high rate.  The question the Hawks have to answer is whether Teague’s superior ability to create his own shot at this point offsets his inability to protect the basketball and if that makes him a better option to be the Hawks starting point guard than Mike Bibby.  What this will come down to is how well Jeff Teague ends up defending, as this is clearly Mike’s biggest weakness.  Mike cannot defend other point guards, and he’s at a size disadvantage when you switch him off the opposing point guard.  Jeff Teague lacks strength at this point, but he’s very long for his size.  His numbers in summer league suggest that he could be a solid playmaker defensively, as he averaged almost 1.6 steals plus blocked shots during summer league play.  Even in limited time last year, Jeff blocked more shots than Mike Bibby.  His length really gives him an advantage defensively.  Jeff’s ultimate flaw his his turnover rate.  He was pretty much a career 1:1 assist to turnover ratio player at Wake Forest.  That continued in summer league action.  Like I said, will the Hawks accept the fact that he is likely to turn the ball over at a much higher rate, and how much of a trade off is that for his potential as a defender?

The next scouting report is on Jason Collins.

I’ve already commented on Jason Collins several times.  Once again, I think this scouting report is on target.  For the Hawks, I hope Jason Collins is being underestimate, but I highly doubt Jason Collins brings anything to the table at this point other than what this report says.  He’s a guy who will give you fouls and little else.  As I have commented before, I really fail to see what Jason Collins brings to the table over a high second round pick or a top level developmental league player such as Courtney Sims.

A player that I have brought up quite often as a player who would have been more valuable for the Hawks with the 31st pick than the veteran players they are wasting the league minimum on to fill up the end of the bench is Gani Lawal.  Is he a stud player?  No, but he is a guy who is a good rebounder and a physical presence on the inside that would have brought them more value with the 31st pick than the $3 million they sold the pick for, which hasn’t been used on anyone and cannot be used on anyone.  I’d much rather have Gani Lawal as my back up power forward and third center rather than Josh Powell and Jason Collins, and he would have been more cost effective.

The Hawks instead chose to rely on veteran players, and for two years, they have showed an uncanny ability to poorly stock the end of their bench because of this reliance on veteran players.  No sense crying over spilt milk though.

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