Tweets of the Game: Atlanta Hawks vs. Chicago Bulls Game 2

Twitter is one of the best websites to go to whenever there is an NBA game. The NBA world owns Twitter and when you follow the right people, a boring game can be turned into an entertaining one and an entertaining game can be turned into a super-duper entertaining game. There’s a lot of personalities on Twitter, if you don’t have one, I suggest you get one. The Twitter world is funny.

Here are some tweets that I liked that will help summarize how this game turned out….

Pre-Game Tweets:

@jose3030: Derrick Rose Presents MVP Award to Chicago Bulls Crowd

@SherwoodStrauss: This Derrick Rose MVP ceremony has gotten Jamal Crawford roiling, ready to go Hakeem

@NdiiBaBii: Congrats to Derrick Rose, such a humble guy, very much so deserving!

@TheNoLookPass: I wanna see Derrick Rose and Kendrick Perkins do stand-up comedy.

1st Quarter Tweets:

@atlanta_hawks: Underway in Chicago. Hawks strike first with a Horford pull-up.

@jose3030: Every time I see Carlos Boozer’s bald head / beard combo, I get visibly mad

@HPbasketball: Hawks are a little quicker to opportunities on both ends so far, but not getting any points out of it.

@Miss__Melanie: Jeffrey doing work #aintnothingnew lol

@HPbasketball: Jeez, Hawks. Bulls are begging you to take a 10 point lead.

@HawksPRGuy: 0-7 shooting between #Hawks forwards Williams (0-4 FGs) and Smith (0-3). Timeout on the floor, with 6:38 left, 9-8 Atlanta.

@fergoe: Holman: “Why are they still chanting ‘MVP?’ We get it, he won.”

@bzaust: @WillSevidalSDS I wonder how high scoring a team we’d be if 10% of smoove’s long rangers went in

@HPbasketball: Hawks: “PLEASE, BULLS, TAKE THIS GAME. WE HATE THIS GAME. TAKE IT!” Bulls: “Oh, we will. wait till you see what pull-up jumper we have!”

End of 1st. Hawks: 19 Bulls: 25

2nd Quarter Tweets:

@jose3030: Larry Drew face

@netw3rk: I’m surprised Larry Drew doesn’t have a nervous tic that appears whenever he talks about the shot selection

@HPbasketball: Another day, another fanbase who Zaza Pachulia has engendered hatred from.

@SBNAtlanta: #Hawks coach Larry Drew ripping his team in the timeout for terrible shot selection. As he should be. #Bulls

@JamalCrawFans: Seriously though, for how bad this has looked, #Hawks are only down 8. #lookingforpositives

@russbengtson: It appears that Carlos Boozer tripped over a bag in his house and suffered a bunch of terrible tattoos.

@NBAOnESPN: Bulls lead Hawks by 11 at the half. Rose has 16. Noah 12/8.

Halftime. Hawks: 37 Bulls: 48

3rd Quarter Tweets:

@DevonNBA: Love listening to #Hawks coach Larry Drew on sideline. Brings a real positive attitude to the huddles.

@TasMelas: As he’s known to do, Josh Smith has tossed the headband because he ain’t happy. Aaaaaand, he scores his first bucket.

@bzaust: @WillSevidalSDS that head band was cutting off smoove’s brain circulation, now he’s thinking more rationally

@TheBillWalton: Why is “Pause Derrick Rose” trending? Do Atlanta fans expect they can stop this swift young man by mystical means and magical chants?

@NBAGuru: That J Smoove block and flush on the break was just plain awesome. The poor shot selection…not awesome.

@BMcCoy20: That’s how you finish a quarter #Hawks

End of 3rd Quarter. Hawks: 58 Bulls: 65

4th Quarter Tweets:

@jkinsey60: We need Joe or Jamal to get hot and we can steal this thing! Bulls are leaving the door open! #Hawks

@HPbasketball: Great challenge on Horford by Gibson. Doing great work on Horford tonight.

@TheNoLookPass: Al Horford just can’t get anything going. Don’t worry, though. He’s still handsome. (cc @AestheticsGirl)

@jemelehill: Jeff Teague is really playing well. He’s the only Hawk remotely interested in attacking.

@HPbasketball: Korver shoots like crap all night, then lands a ridiculous fadeaway. Guess the outlier play is back.

@Truth_About_It: Kirk Hinrich is friendly to all young players, leaving to give Jordan Crawford time, leaving to give Jeff Teague time….

@jose3030: Every time Josh Smith shoots an outside jumper, a baby seal gets clubbed to death :(

@TheNoLookPass: It hasn’t been real pretty… especially for the Hawks. But this is still a very doable game. Only down six now.

@jose3030: Another dead baby seal. This has GOT to stop

@fergoe: Still, this was a winnable game. Almost the exact same Game 2 they played in Orlando.

@TheNoLookPass: Mercifully, this game is over.

@swirsk054: Bulls tie up series 1-1 86-73

There you go. Series tied (1-1) as Bulls beat Hawks, 86 to 73.


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