Tweets of the Game: Atlanta Hawks vs. Chicago Bulls Game 5

Twitter was going through puberty tonight (lots of glitches), so not a lot of people tweeted. Or maybe no one tweeted because no one cares about this series…..we’ll just go with the Twitter glitches theory.

Here are some tweets that I liked that will help summarize how this game turned out….

Pre-Game Tweets:

@hawksvoice: Winner of 1Q of gone on to win each of the first four games in series. #setthetoneearly

@jeskeets: Surprised to see that the Bulls are favored by -8.5 tonight.

@TakeoSpikes51: I don’t like how the #BULLS act like the reason we won is because of what they didn’t do! #Hawks create their own opportunities!!#leetgo

@CeeBoski: I see Carlos Boozer hasn’t learned from Mo Williams and Jameer Nelson. When you make guarantees in the playoffs, it blows up in your face.

1st Quarter Tweets:

@jose3030: Luol Deng on pace to score 112 pts

@HPbasketball: Marv: “We’re seeing a different Derrick Rose…” No, Marv, it’s the same one, the little round thing’s just going in the cylinder thingy.

@ShamSports: Bulls must have worked on the Keith Bogans Backdoor Cut only this morning, because that takes us to one for the year.

@ajchawks: #Bulls lead #Hawks 32-21 end 1Q.

End of 1st. Hawks: 21 | Bulls: 32

2nd Quarter Tweets:

@HPbasketball: Kerr: Crowd doesn’t like because they feel like he was inside the restricted area…” Or, they’re Bulls fans, Steve.

@langwhitaker: Josh Smith has drawn 3 offensive fouls in the first 14 mins of this game.

@hawksvoice: Hawks must contest shots at defensive end! Get a hand up!

@thefarmerjones: “Josh Smith really reluctant to challenge…” because he doesn’t want to catch Hepatitis?

@ajchawks: Joe Johnson 2 FGA, .@zaza27 5FGA #Hawks

@ScottSchroeder: Not many things I love more than Carlos Boozer’s stone cold head wobble celebration.

@HPbasketball: Carlos Boozer is going to say that he’s as tough as Rondo after this game.

@JeffSchultzAJC: Zaza Pachulia (11) first Hawk in double figures. Remember this night for a trivia question.

@DevonNBA: If #Hawks win this series, no one should be surprised. They really do have a number of advantages over #Bulls.

@TheNoLookPass: Bulls only up by six after that fast start? The Hawks should be liking this.

Halftime. Hawks: 42 | Bulls: 48

3rd Quarter Tweets:

@Suga_Shane: I thought I put on the game but it turns out it’s The Jeff Teague Show.

@MicahHart: Can the Hawks sign Jeff Teague for six years and 124 million?

@ajchawks: Boozer took a swipe at Josh Smith after that dunk. Smith didn’t like it. Double Ts. #Hawks #Bulls

@TheNoLookPass: I feel like Carlos Boozer would be the type to scratch back and pull hair. Too bad, he can’t pull Josh Smith’s hair.

@HPbasketball: Andrew Bynum and Carlos Boozer should go bowling this summer.

@netw3rk: Thibs looks like the Penguin when he’s pissed off

@RealMikeWilbon: The Bulls r in big trouble. ATL believes it can win and they’ve got the Bulls totally frustrated. Ball isn’t moving, bodies aren’t moving.

@freedarko: Jeff Teague transforming the Hawks, this far along, might be the weirdest storyline of the playoffs.

@langwhitaker: Of course, the Hawks take their first lead on an 18 footer by Smoove.

@Miss__Melanie: Was I the only one that got severely disgusted with Scottie Pippin just then?

End of 3rd Quarter. Hawks: 68 | Bulls: 69

4th Quarter Tweets:

@HPbasketball: Can you fit “OVER THE TOP CELEBRATING” onto a jersey? Because the Bulls should just change their name to that at this point.

@LLCoolDon: im not even thinkin about the hawks im just waitin on this heat vs bulls matchup

@DwightHoward: My boy smoove goin hard for Atl tonight. I see u son

@Suga_Shane: If that’s an NBA foul, LeBron would average 27 FTA/game.

@HPbasketball: Woah, Deng was reaching into Joe’s stomach and pinching there. But hey, it’s the United Center and Johnson’s balls topping.

@fergoe: The Hawks were awful tonight, don’t get me wrong, but the officiating has been ATROCIOUS.

@langwhitaker: Great steal by Teague. Better tackle by Rose.

@cocoqt81: Kerr should just start saying “we” as opposed to “Chicago” or “Bulls”

@Truth_About_It: Now I can’t decide if ATL will win game 6, gotta get some fresh air/take a walk.

@TheNoLookPass: Bulls are one win away from the Eastern Conference Finals, their first one since 1998.

There you go. Bulls lead series 3-2 with an 83 to 95 win over the Hawks. Game 6 will be Thursday night, ESPN, 8:00 in Philips Arena.


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