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Blog Update & Thanks/Shoutouts To Some Special People

Hey guys, guess what? My blogging hiatus has officially ended today. It only lasted 2 weeks*, but I can’t complain.

*Can you believe the Hawks have only been out of the playoffs for two weeks? It feels like a whole month to me. I miss it already

I’m not going to lie, it was nice having a little break from blogging. Some may know this already, but the players aren’t the only ones that can become exhausted, bloggers can get exhausted too! Bloggers can get mentally and physically exhausted. Mentally exhausted by closely examining every game and every player and making judgments every day for the entire season, and physically exhausted because…well, there have been some sleepless nights (especially in the playoffs).

Anyway, I’m done resting, and to my own surprise, I missed blogging and writing about this Hawks team.

That being said, I’ll be starting my off-season coverage starting Saturday. I have many ideas for blog entries I can do to pass the time until next season, so hopefully I and all of you readers will be in for an “it felt short” off-season. I have no specifics on what I’ll do first, I might do player evaluations first, but who knows? It’s still up in the air for now, I still have to gather all my ideas that I have in my brain and organize them in a Word Document of some sort.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, it’s time to give some thanks to you folks…

I first want to thank the Atlanta Hawks Twitter Nation. You guys and gals made the season more enjoyable than what it should have been. Whether the Hawks win or lose, it’s always a blast talking Hawks basketball on Twitter**. I also want to give thanks to some of you Tweeters who promote my articles by tweeting or retweeting them. It helps and it means a lot to me.

**For those who haven’t yet, follow me on Twitter @WillSevidalSDS.

I also want to thank all the media members and everyone in the Hawks Blog-O-Sphere:

All these guys did a great job covering this Hawks team and I learned a lot from them. I felt I improved my journalistic skills and sharpened my basketball knowledge just by reading all the articles or blog entries they post or listening to them talk Hawks basketball. I have a long way to go as a journalist, I know, but these guys are great mentors for me. I learned things from each and every one of them. I hope that I can continue to learn from them. Great guys.

Lastly, I want to thank all you readers who followed me all season long through my blogging journey…Actually, I want to thank any reader, no matter when you started to follow me and my Atlanta Hawks coverage. You folks gave me the motivation to write and blog the entire season, even at times when I didn’t feel like blogging. It’s nice to know that there are people out there who care about my opinion or analysis. I hope that you folks keep on reading and keep on following me, and I hope that we’ll all have fun talking Hawks basketball this off-season.

Well fellas, See you on Saturday as I start my Hawks coverage once again! Thanks again for making my first season as a blogger a great one!

EDIT: Coverage will start after the NBA Finals is done! :)

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