We Talkin' About Changes?!

See? Even Dominique Wilkins likes the new changes!

You know the NBA’s new slogan of “Big Things Are Coming” this season? Well, I decided to take that approach with Soaring Down South, so I just wanted to make a quick post to give you readers an update of some of the changes that I have made and will be making in the future.

First thing’s first, let me channel in my inner Ryan Cameron…*ahem*….

At Guard, 6 feet, from Cartersville, GA….#20, Brandon McCoy!

Okay, moment’s over now. With that, I would like to welcome Brandon to SDS, who will be joining the staff to be a Contributing Writer. I decided to add him, simply because I like the passion he shows for the Hawks and the opinions he shows on his Twitter account.  I’m also adding him I’m hoping he can provide us with blog entries that will challenge the way we perceive this Atlanta Hawks team. I’m also hoping he can provide a new and refreshing voice for Soaring Down South and the entire Hawks blog-o-sphere. If you want to know more about this new guy, read his “About Me” page, here.

Asides from adding Brandon McCoy, here are the other changes I have already made in Soaring Down South.

  •  I’ve added pages to the website. Please check them all out, from the “About/Contact” all the way to the “Social Media” page. More pages will definitely be added soon.
  • I’ve updated the Blogroll and the Related Websites. If you want to see some of the other Hawks blogs I visit, check the Related Tab on the right side of the website. If you want to see a blog about any other team in the NBA, check the Blogroll. I listed all the blogs that I particularly like reading when I want to read up on a particular team. Those can be found on the right side of the website as well.
  • Facebook and Youtube Channel. I plan on incorporating those two websites a lot more this season. I’ve already made use of the two sites the past few weeks, and I plan on continuing that, so please “like” our Facebook Page and subscribe to our Youtube channel.
Here are the changes I plan on doing:
  • Adding more Pages. I want SDS to be a one stop shop kind of website, so adding pages is a definite must. I want to add pages like: Player Salaries, Statistics, Advanced Statistics, Transactions, Records, etc. Be on the lookout for that in the next week or so.
  • Adding more Staff members. Yes, SDS will be looking for more writers to add. The more the merrier, right? If you think you’re interested, look at this page.
  • Soaring Down South Contests through the season. I plan on doing more contests this season, to give you readers more opportunity to win some good prizes. WOOT WOOT!
  • NBA Fantasy League Contest. This will be the first contest SDS will do. Details of it should be coming sometime soon, either today or tomorrow.
That’s all for now. We can stop talking about changes and start talking about real NBA basketball! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!


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