1/2 Atlanta Hawks vs. Miami Heat: Game Ball & Extra Laps

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Final Score: Atlanta Hawks: 100 | Miami Heat: 92

Box Score: Yahoo! Sports

What a win. What a win. What a win. Every player played well. Some better than others. Let’s see who deserves the game ball and who deserves more extra laps after last night’s win over the Heat.

Game Ball Consideration

Al Horford: He did it all last night. He scored, he played well defensively, he rebounded, he blocked shots, and he actually played inside and didn’t drift out in the mid range too much. Horford finished with 16 points, 9 rebounds, and 2 blocks. Not a stat line that jumps out, but his presence on the court, offensive end and defensive end, was felt tonight.

Joe Johnson:  In my Hawks vs. Heat preview, I said that the Hawks needed a big game from Joe to win or at least challenge the Heat. The Hawks needed Joe to be defensively sound against Wade, and they needed a 20 point game from him. Joe did both. He finished with 21 points in 8-16 shooting. He also grabbed 5 rebounds and made 3-5 three point shots.

Tracy McGrady: Is this 2005? Vintage T-Mac showed up last night. He hit big shots and outplayed Wade and LeBron James in the 4th quarter. McGrady was huge, as he scored 13 points in 4-5 shooting (3-3 from beyond the arc), grabbed 5 rebounds, and had 4 assists in the 4th quarter. Seriously, is this 2003? 2005 maybe? It’s looking like Rick Sund got a steal giving McGrady only the veteran’s minimum.

Jeff Teague: #TeagueTime was back tonight. Teague’s first half’s performance of 13 points in 6-7 shooting kept the Hawks in the game. If Teague didn’t play aggressive at the start, the Hawks would have probably been blown out by halftime. I know Teague only had 2 points in the 2nd half, but don’t confuse that as being passive. Teague was still aggressive on offense, but he focused more on setting other teammates up, which he did pretty impressively. He was easily the best point guard in this game…sorry Mario Chalmers & Norris Cole.

Winner: I’ll give the game ball to Tracy McGrady. His performance in the 4th quarter gave the Hawks their biggest win of the season, and the Heat’s first loss of the season. This is T-Mac’s first SDS Game Ball.

Extra Laps

Willie Green: He took 5 jumpshots and made none of them. Yeah, that deserves extra laps.

That’s it. Every other player not mentioned wasn’t bad enough to earn extra laps in practice, but also not good enough to be considered on getting the game ball.


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