Atlanta Hawks Players Show Support for Trayvon Martin

The death of Trayvon Martin has grabbed the attention of the entire NBA in the past week. One of the teams that has been vocal about their take, the Miami Heat, took a stand on the issue by posting a photo of the entire team wearing hoodies that has been widely distributed online and has been majority viewed as touching.

However,  the Atlanta Hawks players took it to a different level. On Monday, Jerry Stackhouse tweeted and gave his followers a link to the photos of him and his teammates showing their support for Trayvon Martin.

Ish Holmes, a photographer based in Atlanta, worked with Jerry Stackhouse and many other Hawks players to start a photographic campaign in order to draw even more attention to the Trayvon Martin case. Almost every Hawks player* posed for a picture with their hoodies on, giving a mean mug look, just like the one that you see above with Stackhouse.

*Al Horford, Jannero Pargo, and Jeff Teague were the only three Hawks players that don’t have a picture.

All the photos are remarkable. Please check them out at Ish Holmes’ website, here.


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  • JayReams

    He looks scary to me. Try to act bad,expect to get treated the same.

  • JayReams

    I’ve just been wondering how long it would take for the media to think it was time to reveal the real Trayvon Martin pics not the one where he looks all sweet. They’re  the ones creating the problems by skewing info to favor their views.

  • @WilliamSevidal

     @JayReams That goes for almost every political issue though, right? There’s always a positive view and a negative view for topics such as this. Sure, is it a bit overblown and are there other topics and other news that are getting overshadowed? Sure, but it’s not like it’s a story that should be viewed in a negative way but getting skewed into a positive way. I think it’s hard to argue that what happened to Trayvon Martin and his family is devastating a travesty.

  • @WilliamSevidal

     @JayReams That’s a bad way to look at it. I’m personally a Christian so I’ve been taught that you can’t judge a person by their appearance on the outside. We can’t expect OURSELVES to be judge by the way we are inside, but then turn around and judge others based on their appearance. It’s not fair right? I know it doesn’t always work that way in this world, but that doesn’t justify the Trayvon Martin killing at all.

  • Sprizzle2182

    @JayReams it doesnt matter what he looks like or what kind of kid he was…at that time he was anarmed and doing NOTHING wrong…he was a 17 year old KID…period…

  • JayReams

     @Sprizzle2182  @JayReams I know you do not know what you are talking about because you have NO IDEA what he actually did. That goes for the rest of the rioting idiots. Neither did his parents know or know what he was doing obviously as he was turning into a  adult  theif and gangbanger.
      NOW they get involved with his life,when cash is involved.

  • JayReams

     @WillSevidalSDS Would you go to church with your pants to your knees,hat on sideways,flipping the Minister double bird?

        Why not?  They wouldn’t judge you by your appearance,right?
    Face reality – you would not be looked at favorably, just as I’m sure he wasn’t
                       Live by the sword(thug) die like one (a thug)
    Lesson learned – Parents don’t  let your kids grow up to be thugs and pay attention to what they are doing.
       His obviously were not but I bet were spending their (my tax,welfare) money on his phone to tweet racial messages and for nternet access for his facebook account.

  • @WilliamSevidal

     @JayReams No I personally wouldn’t do that, but that’s just me.
    Why? Simply because of what you said, I don’t want to be perceived in a different manner. You’re right, face reality, people judge. But again, that doesn’t justify anything. Just because a lot of people do it, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do, right? 
    Point is, the guy judged him by his appearance, and it cost the kid his life. Does he have an argument? Sure, but it’s not enough to say that what he did wasn’t the wrong thing. 

  • JayReams

     @WillSevidalSDS  No what cost the kid his life according to (ignored) OFFICIAL reports & WITNESS was that he jumped the man behind his back. I have  been jumped like that by teen gangbangers and I would have liked to do the same as George.
     Of course lawless people are going to ignore official police reports.
    They want the law on their side as long as it suits them.

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