Stadium Journey Reviews Atlanta Hawks' Home Philips Arena

The guys at Stadium Journey recently updated their review of the Atlanta Hawks’ home, Philips Arena, and had some nice and not so nice things to say. Mostly nice, though.

Overall, the stadium was rewarded a 3.1 out of 5 stars, but of course it’s not based exclusively on the actual facility itself. If it was, I have a feeling the score would be higher because Philips is one of the nicer arenas in the league.

The review covered the food options, atmosphere, neighborhood, fans, accessibility, the return on investments, and some other additional information.

I thought most of this was pretty accurate. The fan statements are oh-so-true. We’ll pump out a crowd for Boston and Chicago and we’ll generally be able to drown those fan bases out, but the amount of LA and Miami bandwagoners in Atlanta is off the charts. It’s like a home game when they come to town as they have seemingly mini-cults in every city.

I fully endorse the idea that this color scheme has lost it’s “newness” and if it were up to me, we’d be back in the good ole’ red and yellow. I’d love, love, love a return to the pacman hawk logo. At least put some retros on every now and again, right?

This is an accurate rating if you’re trying to peg the experience you get at Philips, but I think the arena deserves more credit for the actual facilities. It really is one of the best looking arenas in the league.

I mean who can beat the word “Atlanta” spelled out across the side of the arena? That is something completely unique to Philips and it looks so awesome from the city that it’s hard to put into words.

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