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Hawks GM Danny Ferry to Meet with Josh Smith's Reps to Speak About Future in ATL

Consider this the official “Josh Smith Watch” post.

According to NBA Insider Chris Broussard, “Josh Smith’s reps will speak with Hawks’ GM Danny Ferry this week about Smith’s future in ATL, sources say.”

We knew that coming into the season that Smith would be under a magnifying glass and even though he has played okay so far into this season, he has been disappointing from what we thought he could be.

The big thing with Josh is that we are all tired of his long ill advised jump shots and at times his pouting attitude when complaining and failing to get back on defense. Along with this we can throw in his bad nights of when it seems like his talent was taken Space Jam style and in the end we get numerous turnovers, bad defense, and just awful decision making.

In complete retrospect to this there are nights when we get a rebounding, defensive, stat-sheet stuffing machine who not only looks like the best player on the Hawks, but also the best player on the floor. This can lead one to question how he never made it onto an All-star team. One of the most popular things that I hear when referencing Josh goes along the lines of “if he could only get his act together” or “if he could just realize his strengths and stop taking jumpers”. 

Well let me ask the question: As a 27-year old who has been in the NBA for eight years, will Josh ever learn?

Hawks fans have been hoping that he would turn it around for many years now but I am beginning to wonder if he ever will.

In the past week we have heard that Josh declared himself a “Max Player” and I am sure that got many people wondering how Hawks GM Danny Ferry would react — well during the most recent game on Sunday against the Knicks we may have got our answer.

Meetings between team management and player’s agents is something pretty normal that happens with a player in their final year in their contract but due to how Smith has been struggling this year, which includes shooting a career-low 49.7 percent at the free-throw line, changes might come.
The NBA trade deadline isn’t until February 21, but after getting drafted 17th overall in 2004 and playing in his hometown for the past eight years, we might very well be watching the last of Josh Smith in an Atlanta Hawks uniform.
Whatever happens, these next couple of weeks will be interesting for us Hawks fans and for the future of this franchise.

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