‘He runs like a deer,’ an exec said about Brazil’s Lucas Nogueira. (Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images)

NBA Draft 2013: Atlanta Hawks Trade Up for 16th Pick, 44th Pick, Jared Cunningham

What a crazy night!

The Atlanta Hawks made a big move on draft night, trading away the 18th pick in order to move up and strike a deal with the Dallas Mavericks in exchange for the 16th pick (from Dallas via Boston), the 44th pick, and guard Jared Cunningham. With that 16th pick, the Hawks received Brazilian big man Lucas “Bebe” Nogueira.

The Hawks selected 6’11” Bucknell senior Mike Muscala with the 44th pick.

In case that last paragraph was confusing to you, we are receiving

1. Lucas Nogueira

2. Mike Muscala

3. Jared Cunningham – drafted 24th overall in the 2012 draft

First, some stuff on Bebe: He dominated the American squad at the U-18 FIBA Americas three years ago, which really put him on scouts’ radar. Standing 7-feet tall with a 7’6 wingspan, he averaged just under three blocks per 36 minutes of action last year and shot 66.1% from the field. From a potential standpoint, he seems to fit in the starting center role for the Hawks, allowing Lil’ Tito to slide to the four, where he is most comfortable. If he fails to grow into that role, he will still be a serviceable big man off the bench.

Note: Stats have proven that he is actually most effective at the center position, but being at the power forward position would allow him to not get beaten up down low night in and night out.

I’m excited to see this 6’11 beast take the stage at Philips Arena in the near future. Check out the full scouting profile here.

Jared Cunningham is an exciting combo guard out of Dallas that was taken 24th overall in the 2012 draft. Standing 6’4 and weighing 195 lbs, Cunningham only played in 8 Mavericks games last season, averaging 3.3 minutes per contest. He spent 15 games in the D-League where he was less than efficient. Sure, he scored 15.3 points per game, but that came after shooting 33.5% from the field. He has some work to do in Atlanta, but learning from Lou Williams to be an efficient combo guard off the bench will be very important to his growth.

In the tail-end of that trade, the Hawks received the 44th pick, Mike Muscala. The senior from Bucknell is fundamentally sound on the low block with potential to become a dominant force on the glass if he can bulk up some. I remember seeing his name early last season and thinking, “Wow, this guy has a lot of potential to be a dominant post player at the next level.” Even if it sounds like a cliche, it works for me.

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m super excited to watch these young players grow over the next few years. Here’s to an exciting summer full of free agency rumors and summer league!

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  • Norris Msr Hulsey

    I hope they bring in the right veterans to mentor these new guys, I’m a Heat fan have been since Alonzo, I was only 11 when he was there so no LeBron jokes. But I have to say if Atlanta makes to the Eastern Championship (hahaha) I would be torn between who to pull for(hometown heart) but like I was saying, if the right vets are brought in and they get some FA’s that thrive with the gameplay and one another Atlanta could do some things! If you bring in a Monta Ellis and say a Deng type player then I could see a deeper push in the playoffs and an even deeper push in the years to follow. If you watch these kids that Atlanta brought in on tape they are raw but their ceiling is high! So like I was saying put the right people with them throughout free agency vets and players for a longer haul of rebuilding, with the Nets and Heat as powerhouses you can compete and with the playoff format make the playoffs still, but that’s it. For now… Ok so your best options for the long run Andrew Bynum(3yrs 12 mil) you can get him at that bc of injuries. Monta Ellis(2yr 24Mil) he will accept to be the Star of a team, if you can get Ivan to sign an extension and train the C’s that’s your best bet. His drive,ambition and motivation are enough to make anyone around him want to do better. Just build slowly and not try all at once it hasn’t worked for the Marlins, look at how the Angels are performing. Yea there is success sometimes uh hum (Heat) but that isn’t an option anymore. Make the right decisions and your in the game.

  • James Michael Nales

    Really!!!are Hawks fans really supposed to get excited about a thin 7 foot tall kid averaging 3 points a game? Like what Brooklyn did.Still waiting for the Danny Ferry wizardry

  • DertySouf

    We need a vet, I agree we got the money and a good coach. Rondo, Iguadala, and Howard….

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