Top 5 Toughest Players in the NBA

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First things first: All NBA players are tough.

To say one NBA player is tougher than another is arbitrary. We have no idea what goes on in the locker room, which is where toughness is really defined. That being said, there is still fun in ranking the players that we do know about.

Aside from the stories of grit and perseverance made public, we can gauge players based on their on-court demonstrations. There is an undeniable toughness we use to characterize players who, for example, routinely sacrifice their body for even the most mundane of plays.

These visual testaments and the locker room tales that find their way to the media provide the basis for how we view a player’s toughness. From all of this, we were able to generate a list of 5 players who have proven their toughness more than any players in the league…

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