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NBA All-Star Weekend 2014: All-Star Game 5-on-5

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2. Which team has the better roster?

Menze: West. Hands down.

Donoho: I think the West does. Kevin Durant is playing some great basketball, and Stephen Curry and Chris Paul will help get easy baskets for guys like Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge.

Morton: I give the West a slight edge, but it’s very close. The West has more above the rim bigs (Dwight, Unibrow, Blake Griffin), shooters (Steph, Lillard, Dirk), and a rim attackers (Lillard, CP3, Parker), the three things you need in something closer to a streetball game than an real NBA game.

Perry: West. I think the East has a better starting lineup, but as a whole the West has the better roster because of a very impressive bench.

Blue: I like the West more this year. There is a lot of athleticism across the entire roster and in this kind of exhibition, it will be fun to watch.

Click here for the All-Star Game starting lineups and full rosters.

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