Draft Workouts; Day Two


The Atlanta Hawks had three prospects in today for a predraft workout.  Those three prospects are Darington Hobson, Stanley Robinson, and Pape Sy.  Much like yesterday, there isn’t a lot of information about the workouts.  As I stated yesterday though, I really don’t think you can take much from these workouts.  It’s good for them to showcase their athleticism, but it really doesn’t give one an idea of how they will play in a team oriented setting.  With that said, let’s discuss these three prospects.

Stanley Robinson, SF, Connecticut – Stanley Robinson is the headliner of this group, as he is the only one of the three that will likely go in the first round.  Stanley measured in at a shade under 6’7″ without shoes, and he has an above average 7’0″ wingspan for his position.  The one thing that stands out about Stanley’s game is his overall athleticism.  He may be one of the better pure athletes in this draft.  He utilizes his athleticism well, as he is a tremendous finisher at the rim and a very good player in the open floor when playing in transition.  He’s got a lot of potential as a man to man defender in the NBA.  Despite his athleticism though, Stanley has been considered an underachiever to this point in his career.  Part of that is because he has never developed a reliable jump shot, and he’s really never had any consistency to his game until his senior season.  Stanley also had a bad junior season, but he came on strong as a senior and had career highs across the board.  His role increased overall, and his offensive production increased as well.  Despite his increased role, he was not a very strong isolation player.  He does a decent job of moving without the basketball and has the athleticism and strength to make plays along the baseline.  Overall, he’s a guy that has some potential as a role player, but he’s also the type of player I would typically avoid in the latter parts of the first round due to his age.

Darington Hobson, SF, New Mexico – This is a player that I don’t know a lot about.  Darington measured in at 6’5.5″ without shoes on, and his wingspan is an above average 6’9″ for his position.  He is a junior college transfer that played one season at New Mexico before declaring for the draft.  He is considered to be a multi faceted player who is a very good ball handler, passer, and defender.  His numbers do not suggest that he is a strong finisher or a good shooter though.  He reportedly only shoots 43% on all of his two point shots during the season.  In looking for information on this, I found that he may have been given a first round guarantee by someone.


I don’t know how reputable this is, but it is interesting nontheless.

Pape Sy, SG/SF, France— This is probably the toughest player to find any information on that the Hawks will work out this summer.  Something tells me the Hawks are interested in him, because he will reportedly work out with some guards at tomorrow’s workout as well.  Pape Sy is a 6’3″ wing player from France.  He is already 22 years old, so he is automatically eligible to be drafted.  He is another player in the French professional leagues that was born in the Senegal.  In looking at his numbers overall, nothing really stands out.  This past season, through 30 games, Pape played around 14 minutes per game.  He only averaged around 5 points per game, but the interesting thing about him is that he averaged shooting almost as many free throws as he did shots overall.  This tells me that he is a player that will attack the rim.  On the year, Pape hit around 54% of his two point shots and around 41% of his three point shots.  There isn’t much out there on him as a defender.  Looking at his numbers overall though, they are similar to the numbers Rodrigue Beaubois put up in his final season in the French League.  Beaubois was a little better scorer, but Sy got to the free throw line at a higher rate.  Both players had a 0.61-0.62 true shooting percentage.  I have no idea where this guy will go, but I don’t think anyone would have guessed that Rodrigue Beaubois would have gone in the first round last year.  Rick Sund has a history of scouting players in France with his draft picks of Johan Petro and Mickeal Gelebale, and while he wasn’t a player in France, Saer Sene was born in the Senegal much like Pape Sy.

Next up for tomorrow: Mikhail Torrance of Alabama, Jordan Crawford of Xavier, Chris Kramer of Purdue, JT Tiller of Missouri, Pape Sy of France, and Greivis Vasquez of Maryland.