2012 NBA Draft: Atlanta Hawks to hold workouts from June 16 – June 26


UPDATE: Hawks full workout schedule released, courtesy of Michael Cunningham of the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The list from MC’s article has been recreated below, for you and your viewing pleasure:

June 16: Kris Joseph (F, Syracuse, Sr.), Doron Lamb (G, Kentucky, So.), Quincy Miller (F, Baylor, Fr.)

June 17: Jared Cunningham (G, Oregon State, Jr.), John Jenkins (G, Vanderbilt, Jr.)

June 19: Draymond Green (F, Michigan State, Sr.), Darius Miller (F, Kentucky, Sr.)

June 20: Will Barton (G, Memphis, So.), William Buford (G, Ohio State, Sr.), Eric Griffin (F, Campbell, Sr.), Khris Middleton (F, Texas A&M, Jr.), Jeffrey Taylor (F, Vanderbilt, Sr.), Hollis Thompson (F, Georgetown, Jr.)

June 21: Miles Plumlee (F, Duke, Sr.), Garret Stutz (C, Wichita State, Sr.)

June 22: Kevin Jones (F, West Virginia, Sr.), Andrew Nicholson (F, St. Bonaventure, Sr.), Mike Scott (F, Virginia, Sr.), Royce White (F, Iowa State, So.)

June 23: Festus Ezeli (C, Vanderbilt, Sr.), Scott Machado (G, Iona, Sr.), Fab Melo (C, Syracuse, So.), Henry Sims (F, Georgetown, Sr.)

June 24: Jae Crowder (F, Marquette, Sr.), Moe Harkless (F, St. Johns, Fr.)

June 26: Tyshawn Taylor (G, Kansas, Sr.), Tony Wroten (G, Washington, Fr.)


According to Steve Kyler of HOOPSWORLD, the Atlanta Hawks will work out 12 players for the 23rd pick in the NBA Draft.

Those players are: Doron Lamb (Kentucky), Darius Miller (Kentucky), Tyshawn Taylor (Kansas), Quincy Miller (Baylor), Festus Ezeli (Vanderbilt), Jeff Taylor (Vanderbilt), John Jenkins (Vanderbilt), Royce White (Iowa State), Moe Harkless (St. Johns), Draymond Green (Michigan State), Fab Melo (Syracuse), and Scott Machado (Iona).

According to a report from Jason Smith of the Commercial Appeal, the Hawks also plan on working out Will Barton (Memphis).

Now out of these 13 players, Darius Miller, Tyshawn Taylor, Green, and maybe even Machado seem like a stretch at the 23rd pick. The rest seem like viable first round options.

It’s become increasingly clear by looking at this list that the Hawks are focused on adding a small forward, with some interest in shooters and bigs as well. 8 of the 13 listed project as small forwards in the NBA, while the rest seem to be scattered amongst the positions.

The Hawks could honestly use some help at every position, but small forward appears to be the weakest by nature of the team. Marvin Williams, Jerry Stackhouse, Vladimir Radmanovic, and Tracy McGrady all spent time at small forward, as did Joe Johnson. That shouldn’t sit well with Coach Drew as 3 of those are washed up vets (Stack, Vlad-Rad, T-Mac), one is out of position (Johnson), and the other just isn’t that good (Williams). Adding a player like Moe Harkless, Jeff Taylor, Quincy Miller, or Royce White could provide some much needed depth at the struggling position, along with some fresh legs. It would behoove Atlanta to infuse this roster with more talented youth, as opposed to scrounging through a regular season with a bench full of veterans that half of this league’s fans have never heard of.

Not only does a youth movement like this instill confidence in the team’s player development capabilities, but it also makes the Hawks a little more frightening. While I love Willie Green, no one is scared of him or anyone else on Atlanta’s bench even putting the ball on the floor. Add some fresher, quicker, and bouncier legs, and that’s not the case, especially if they can shoot. Guys like Moe Harkless and Jeff Taylor are incredible slashers with supreme athletic abilities. Guys like Quincy Miller and Royce White are guys who can shoot from outside and put the ball on the floor.

If it was up to me, and thankfully it isn’t, I’d flip a few coins to decide between a few players. I love Will Barton, John Jenkins, Q. Miller, White, Harkless, and J. Taylor. I love Fab Melo and Festus Ezeli. All of these guys could become starters in the league one day, and each could very well develop their own little niche skill (if they don’t already have one).

I love that the Hawks are looking towards some critical needs, and hopefully management addresses more of them come free agency. Of course, trading up still isn’t out of the question, but this draft has so many potential “good not great” players that I’d be thrilled with several of the guys set to workout for Atlanta soon. The crazy thing is that so many teams will have an opportunity to add an instant impact player this late in the first round. It’s rare to find so many players of this quality at the 23rd pick. Hopefully the Hawks take advantage of it.