Who are the most crucial Atlanta Hawks players? Part 1

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13.  Cartier Martin, SG/SF 

Cartier Martin takes a jump shot. (Glenn James/NBAE/Getty Images)

Martin was brought in after the beginning of camp. I was not high on him when I first saw him play against Memphis in the preseason. His shot looked terrible (1-for-12 that day), and he just looked awkward and out of place. He failed the eyeball test.

Martin did however play better against the Pacers a few nights later. So, I am not as down on him as I was when I wrote my recap of the Memphis game. Still, Cartier is starting the season deep on the Hawks bench and will be even further down when Lou Williams returns to the lineup. One injury to either Kyle Korver or DeMarre Carroll, however, would likely get Martin some meaningful minutes this season.