Eric Bledsoe and Atlanta Hawks Could Be A Match Made in Heaven (slideshow)

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Eric Bledsoe has yet to find an NBA contract that he likes, and, with training camp quickly approaching, he may have to make sacrifices contractually if he wants to get even close to the number he thinks he’s worth.

Restricted free agency has been tough for NBA players in recent years, especially this summer. Teams just are not as willing to sign restricted free-agents to offer sheets as it creates a cap hold, preventing them from using the money on other free agents.

Another reason restricted free-agents have issues finding offer sheets is that most teams are willing to match deals to keep their players, making the cap hold a waste. Teams do not want a cap hold that can deter other negotiations when they know they will most likely not sign the restricted free agent they signed an offer sheet to.

While some of these issues have been remedied through the new collective bargaining agreement (CBA), teams now only have three days to match an offer sheet as opposed to seven in the old CBA, the issue of inking RFA’s to deals still persists and appears to be getting worse.

Eric Bledsoe is having some of these same symptoms which is why he has not inked a deal yet.

Bledsoe thinks he’s worth the max. He and his agent have said this multiple times and look to be firm on their stance.

The Phoenix Suns, however, believe Eric Bledsoe is worth a four-year, $48 million deal.