Kris Humphries to be the Newest Hawk

Kris Humphries should be a smart addition to the Atlanta Hawks’ roster.

The Atlanta Hawks have reportedly found their latest big man: Kris Humphries.

According to Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports, the Humphries has agreed to join Atlanta after clearing waivers with the Phoenix Suns.

Humphries will fill the bench spot left by the injured Tiago Splitter.

Humphries should fit nicely in Atlanta. His 6.5 points and 5.6 rebounds prt game provide a slight boost from Splitter’s numbers.

As much as the Hawks like to shoot from the perimeter, Humphries will be a strong offensive threat in the paint while Horford is on the bench. If he can get a hot start in Atlanta, he may be able to help open up his new teammates for jump shots.

Defensively, he is solid. He provides most of his boards on the defensive end and averages 0.8 blocks per game in the limited playing time he has had this season. He should not hurt the Hawks’ top-five defense. Playing with Thabo Sefolosha should only boost Humphries’s skills.

Having a solid inside presence is crucial for the Hawks to have any playoff run. The Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers each have big men that could pose threats to the Hawks come playoff time. Shoring up their rebounding and inside scoring is a smart move from a team hoping to prove that last season’s run was no fluke.

Finally, Humphries should be able to mesh with the Hawks’ personality. The Hawks are a team without an ego. Like the San Antonio Spurs, they are build around the concept of team work.

Humphries was ridiculed harshly following his marriage in 2011 and rapid divorce with Kim Kardashian. At the time Humphries played for the then-New Jersey Nets. Fans perceived his marriage as grab at fame and jeered him at games almost as badly as fans initially treated LeBron James post-“The Decision.”

In the last couple of seasons, however, Humphries has managed to stay out of the spotlight. He makes a comment here or there, but for the most part, he has avoided any undue attention.

As long as Humphries can produce off the bench for the Hawks, the match is excellent for both sides.