Top 5 Coaches in Atlanta Hawks History

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The Atlanta Hawks have had plenty of tremendous coaches since 1949. Who was worthy enough to make the top five?

The Hawks moved to Atlanta from St. Louis in 1968, and have employed thirteen head coaches since then. Legendary coaches, like Cotton Fitzsimmons and Hubie Brown arrived early in their coaching career, and  enjoyed short stints in Atlanta before moving on to greener pastures. On the other end of the spectrum, coaches like Lon Kruger and Kevin Loughery are left as footnotes in a Hawks history book filled with disappointment.

Showing the truly great coaches their due isn’t as easy as it seems: winning in the NBA is supposed to be a certainty, not a possibility. So, when a coach is able to have success, they find themselves being mentioned far less than one that is losing at an astounding rate.

Narrowed down from thirteen, five Atlanta Hawk coaches stand well above the others. Let’s take a look at the five greatest coaches in the history of Atlanta Hawks basketball.

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