Should the Atlanta Hawks retire Joe Johnson’s number?

ATLANTA, GA - MAY 8: Joe Johnson
ATLANTA, GA - MAY 8: Joe Johnson /
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Joe Johnson
ATLANTA, GA – MAY 8: Joe Johnson /

The Hawks have maintained an extremely high standard in regards to the number of all time greats who receive the honor of having their number retired and jersey hung from the rafters. How much of a chance does Joe Johnson have at an enshrined ceremony?

Across the United States and Canada on Monday, a spectacular, total solar eclipse darkened sky’s across the region. For just a glimpse of the greatness, estimated that approximately 25 million people set out on at least a full days journey, equipped with blacked out lenses, and had an unforgettable experience that lasted no more than a few seconds.

A partial solar eclipse will actually happen several times during a year, but a total solar eclipse is much more rare. An eclipse is anytime the moon covers a portion of the sun during orbit. Of course, a total solar eclipse is when the moon will entirely cover the sun which creates a feast for the eyes. Any meteorologist you listen to around this time carries on about it like there sole mission in life is to chase down a total solar eclipse and look at it at the absolute most perfect angle.

Through my own retinas, combined with a potent sunglasses prescription from the optometrist and the tent ironed onto the sunroof of my car, I got greedy and stared at the sun the exact time of its perfect alignment with the moon for seconds at a time.

ATLANTA – DECEMBER 29: Joe Johnson
ATLANTA – DECEMBER 29: Joe Johnson /

While I definitely didn’t get the optimal ring of fire to the same extent as those with the right eye wear, I didn’t go blind, and it was still awesome. Mother nature put on a lavish display by turning the streets I roamed into a movie theater, with lamps in residential areas turning on in the middle of the day while the shadows danced about.

The sun appeared to be the size of a dime as I looked directly up into the pale blue sky while it struggled to shine. I slowly cruised about my business rolling past an audience of folks sprawled out on towels in their front lawns.