2018 Draft: 5 Possible Top-5 Picks for the Atlanta Hawks

TUCSON, AZ - DECEMBER 09: Deandre Ayton
TUCSON, AZ - DECEMBER 09: Deandre Ayton /
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In the final year before the NBA reforms the draft lottery process, the final stretch of the 2017-18 season will feature one of the most “competitive” races to the bottom the league has ever seen.

Thoroughly entrenched in that race are the Atlanta Hawks, who are currently tied for the worst record in the league and have had a fairly poor season in terms of winning basketball.

Though they’re not playing the most enticing form of basketball in the franchise’s history, this is definitely a good time to be losing as it gives Atlanta the chance to hit the jackpot with a top-five draft pick.

The 2018 draft class, in particular, is flush with franchise-changing upside in the first 7-8 slots, so the Hawks have a good chance of landing a player to build around for the foreseeable future.

We have outlined five players (and a strong honorable mention) that the Atlanta Hawks should have on their radar if they manage to snag a top-five pick. Let’s begin with an honorable mention.