12 Potential Targets in Free Agency for Atlanta Hawks

MILWAUKEE, WI - MARCH 21: Jabari Parker
MILWAUKEE, WI - MARCH 21: Jabari Parker /
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The Atlanta Hawks are in the first year of what will almost certainly be a lengthy rebuild, and though times have been tough this season, the future will be bright – especially after the NBA draft occurs in June.

Though Atlanta’s best bet for landing a transcendent talent will be their near-certain Top 5 selection in the draft, there will be plenty of attractive free agents available in the offseason that the team would do well to investigate.

The Hawks have needs at pretty much every position, and the team might lose more than ¾ of its roster in the offseason. As the team has been running at a huge talent deficit against most teams every night, all of these players are on the younger side of free agency and many of them will be coming off their first NBA contract.

The Hawks will have an almost clean cap sheet once the 2017-18 season ends, as plenty of notable names come off the books. With all that excess cap space, here are 12 possible free agents the Hawks should at least attempt to sign in the offseason.