Atlanta Hawks: “The Process Never Ends” Says The Step Back

Trae Young #11, Omari Spellman #6, and Kevin Huerter #5 of the the Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images)
Trae Young #11, Omari Spellman #6, and Kevin Huerter #5 of the the Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images) /

In an extremely existential take on the Atlanta Hawks rebuild, Corbin Smith of FanSided’s The Step Back delved into the team that he believes perfectly exemplifies the NBA’s circle of life.

The Atlanta Hawks are mired in what will likely be a years-long rebuild.

To Corbin Smith of FanSided’s The Step Back, that’s just fine.

Smith recently wrote a piece outlining how he believes the Hawks, more than any other team, are the perfect example of a team that is more focused on the nobility of the game rather than the craven act of winning. According to Smith:

"“In this way, the Hawks are a noble franchise. Winning is gauche. It goes on and on in the same way and it sucks the air out of the league. The Hawks would never DREAM of living like this. Instead, they plod along year after year, they field some good squads, some bad ones, some excellent ones. They lose in the playoffs, their team leaves, they bite the bullet and rebuild. The circle of life: birth, death, rebirth.”"

While this might be rather reductive, it is true that all fanbases (for the most part) fall into the trap of believing that a certain player will lead them to a championship. Sometimes that comes true over time a la Steph Curry and sometimes it comes true after a player has already left and returned to a spurned franchise like LeBron James did with Cleveland.

There is no way of peering into the future to see if Atlanta Hawks General Manager Travis Schlenk has crafted a rock-solid plan for the Hawks to win a chip with the current core (and the hopeful inclusion of, say, Zion Williamson after the 2019 Draft).

Even with some wily veterans like Jeremy Lin and 42-year-old Vince Carter, the team is still a long ways off from contending.

For now, Atlanta Hawks fans should sit back and enjoy what will be a less-than-stellar season that should lead to an extremely impactful 2019 draft pick (or three).

As Smith says: “The Process Never Ends.”

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