Atlanta Hawks: 6 Players Facing the Most Pressure in 2018-19

Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Kevin Liles/NBAE via Getty Images)
Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Kevin Liles/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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Atlanta Hawks #3 Kevin Huerter
Kevin Huerter #3 of the Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images) /

6. Kevin Huerter

Though being drafted at 19th overall doesn’t necessitate heaps of pressure (just ask John Collins), Kevin Huerter has been offered up as the Atlanta Hawks’ Klay Thompson facsimile going forward.

Though Huerter lacks the same defensive mindset that Thompson so readily provides for the three-time champion Golden State Warriors, the three-point shooting and minor off-the-dribble ability means that Huerter has some clear similarities to the Warriors’ molten long-distance sniper.

After missing Summer League and only scoring 5 points across 40 minutes of playing time so far in the preseason, Huerter has lifted expectations for himself despite not playing very much in the early goings of the Atlanta Hawks exhibition season.

Long lauded for his shooting and underrated playmaking ability, Huerter has looked quite rusty so far in the preseason – meaning that the pressure is building (ever so slightly) for the 20-year-old rookie.

Still though, pressure levels are relatively low for Huerter and the next player on this list, who just so happens to play the same position as Agent Orange (just testing out a new nickname for Huerter, since the Red Mamba is already taken).