Atlanta Hawks: 5 Takeaways from Blowout Loss to Nuggets

Jeremy Lin #7 and Tyler Dorsey (Photo by Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images)
Jeremy Lin #7 and Tyler Dorsey (Photo by Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images) /

Takeaways from the single-worst game of the season for the Atlanta Hawks: a 45-point evisceration at the hands of the Denver Nuggets. We’re coming Zion!

The Atlanta Hawks had a tough assignment tonight, playing an elite Denver team in its limited altitude that has taken many a man’s oxygen and we didn’t fare any better. Here are some quick takeaways from Denver’s almost 50-burger on Atlanta.

Atlanta got off to a slow start and couldn’t really recover

Denver got out to a quick lead as Atlanta tried to get its legs under it. The Nuggets got up 13-0 and never looked back as Atlanta couldn’t keep up with the Joker and his insanely deep team. The constant bodies that Denver can bring off the bench from Malik Beasley to Mason Plumlee to Jamal Murray (who oddly didn’t start this game) are a tall task for any team, not just Atlanta.

Denver has the type of depth that Atlanta is trying to build and we’re starting to get there with guys like DeAndre’ Bembry and Kevin Huerter being capable wings off the bench.

I want John Collins back right now

Just seeing him and Trae Young throw lobs on lobs is going to be so much fun. Collins needs to come back and fill up the Atlanta Hawks highlight reels again. He joined the broadcast and talked to Bob and Nique and what a prize he is.

I also think with him being gone for all of the season so far, some of us might have forgotten just how great he was. We need him back so we can get back to championship contention *ba dum tss* but seriously I do want him back.

Baze is probably the best player on this team right now

Kent Bazemore continues to look great: Hitting threes, making cuts and hustling for loose balls. Hopefully, he can keep this up and increase his trade value enough that we can get something valuable for him and improve the team.

Baze has been a great Atlanta Hawk and has said publicly that he wants to be an Atlanta Hawk for life, but wing needy teams like Philadelphia or Houston could use such a valuable player off the bench and sadly he just doesn’t fit our timeline.

The Hawks just need more talent

Playing super-deep teams like Denver really puts the the talent disadvantage the Hawks are at against most teams in the NBA in the spotlight. Games are going to be hard to stay into when we have guys like Miles Plumlee and Alex Poythress playing heavy minutes.

Luckily we’ve had some talent infusion over the past couple of drafts and with the Mavs pick and (hopefully) the Cavs top 10 protected pick, we can build up our depth quick in the 2019 draft.

At least Thursday Night Football was fun

The Hawks just couldn’t handle the passing and speed that Denver put up against them and were subsequently blown out. I hope this wasn’t the one game that you chose to view for the month as you know our tanking is probably going to produce a lot of losses. We have to believe that we’re not going to get destroyed like this on a night-in, night-out basis.

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At least you got to flip channels and see Aaron Rodgers do work. Anyways, we’ll be here all season and we hope you keep tuning in.