Atlanta Hawks: 6 Underrated Prospects to Consider in 2019 NBA Draft

Admiral Schofield #5 Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Admiral Schofield #5 Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /
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Atlanta Hawks
Admiral Schofield #5 Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

Admiral Schofield

For those that have been reading our draft coverage for a while, you know just how much SDS is in the bag for Admiral Schofield. For one thing, re-read his name. It’s ADMIRAL SCHOFIELD. The man can take the mantle of NBA legend David Robinson’s famed nickname simply because it’s his actual name.

Beyond that, he was an emotional and forceful leader for a Tennessee team that could’ve made the Final Four had Ryan Cline of the Purdue Boilermakers not gone supernova in the Sweet 16 – obliterating the Volunteers with a ridiculous display of shooting prowess:

Despite that showing, Cline does not make this list and Schofield does. Why, you ask? Well, Schofield had his fair share of amazing clutch moments, notably when he put Tennessee on his back early in the season in an amazing game against the Gonzaga Bulldogs after his SEC Player of the Year teammate Grant Williams fouled out:

Schofield drilling triple after ludicrous triple might not seem representative of his skill set, but Schofield was an excellent three-point shooter during his four-year career at Tennessee. A career 38.7 percent shooter from deep, Schofield would fit in perfectly on an Atlanta Hawks team that canned over 1000 three-pointers this season as a team – joining an exclusive group of teams in NBA history.

As a switchable defender with a foghorn-like voice and shoulders the size of cannonballs, the Atlanta Hawks simply must draft Admiral Schofield – that’s all there is to it.