Atlanta Hawks: 3 Reasonable Trades for 8th and 10th Pick

Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Jeff Haynes/NBAE via Getty Images)
Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Jeff Haynes/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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Atlanta Hawks
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Third Trade: Helping GM LeBron

Why the Lakers do it: Despite being very exciting, the Lakers’ improbable jump to the 4th pick came with some side effects. First, as I’ve said previously, this draft class is by most thought to be a 3-man class, and unfortunately for L.A., it doesn’t look like there will be a guy at the 4 spot that can come in a contribute right away with LeBron, who is obviously in win-now mode.

Second, They lost some valuable cap space, space they have keeping safe to give to a marquee free agent (or two). They lost about 3 million in moving from 11-4. And while they could wave that 4th pick in some team’s faces for a trade, but why not move back down and pick up some other pieces along the way? Alex Len is a cheap and a good shooter for a big man, two things the Lakers really struggled with last season. Further, with picks 8 and 10, they can keep one and trade one, or trade both to maximize their potential summer spending.

Why the Hawks do it: This is exactly like the Cavs trade, but Atlanta gives up Alex Len to move up one more spot. So again, if the Atlanta Hawks really fancy Jarrett Culver (reports already indicating they do) or De’Andre Hunter, and don’t want to settle for anyone else, this is the move. Alex Len, while good, is replaceable in free agency or even the 2nd round, where the Hawks have three picks.

Possibility Ranking:  8/10. All signs have been pointing to LA getting big name free agents, and knowing LeBron’s track record of playing with rookies, there’s little reason to believe they’ll value the pick over a proven star. The Atlanta Hawks would essentially have the 1st pick after the near-consensus top-3 go, and have a month to figure out who they want most.

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