Atlanta Hawks: 5 Most Exciting Players in 2019-20

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Atlanta Hawks

Kevin Huerter #3 of the Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Kevin Huerter

Our fifth-most exciting player for next season on the Atlanta Hawks might be a rather surprising choice.

When you think of Kevin Huerter, one might immediately think “deadeye shooter,” or “the second coming of Kyle Korver to the ATL.”

While both of those are certainly merited, Huerter is so much more than that, and any Atlanta Hawks fans who watched the team game-in and game-out knows that Huerter provided a shocking number of scintillating plays – though he did so with much less fanfare than his backcourt mate Trae Young due to the fact that Huerter had the ball for far less time than Trae did.

In fact, Huerter showed so many titillating glimpses of his skill last season that one would hope he would be willing to take on a larger role next season compared to his fairly measly 15.7 percent usage rate last year per Basketball Reference.

For one thing, Huerter can get up for some dunks when he wants to, and his athleticism is extremely underrated in general as is his slippery handle and Trae Young-lite level of passing acumen.

Though Huerter might not immediately jump out as an exciting player, he certainly does bring a fair bit of spice to the Atlanta Hawks – hence his best nickname: Red Pepper.

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