Atlanta Hawks’ Best Players of the Decade: 15-11

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Part one of a series showcasing the top 15 Atlanta Hawks players of the decade.

The Atlanta Hawks had a fairly successful decade, making the playoffs each year until the ’17-’18 season.

They found success through team-first ball, but that’s not to say they haven’t had any star players through the decade either.

Atlanta had two distinct eras come and go in the decade: The Josh Smith, Joe Johnson era, which ended and led way to the Al Horford, Paul Millsap, Jeff Teague era. Now, we’re at the start of the Trae Young, John Collins era, which has a chance to be as successful, if not more, than the others.

Here we’ll be starting the countdown of the top 15 players of the Hawks’ decade, starting with a few honorable mentions, then heading to the 15-11 spots.

Honorable Mentions:

Now let’s get started on the list:

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