Will the Atlanta Hawks be Buyers or Sellers Come Trade Season?

Atlanta Hawks,Travis Schlenk 2019 NBA Draft (Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images)
Atlanta Hawks,Travis Schlenk 2019 NBA Draft (Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images) /

Predicting if the Atlanta Hawks will be buyers or sellers this trade season.

The NBA trade season opens up on December 15th, and the Atlanta Hawks are right on the border of being buyers and sellers.

They’ve been sellers for quite some time, basically since they traded away Kyle Korver in 2017, a year when they were still were mostly competitive, making the playoffs.

They’ve either sent away players via trade or buy-outs every season since, but that could be coming to a halt soon.

The initial thought would not be looking to shed the ‘sellers’ tag, as they sit at 6-19 with chances of a playoff run growing slimmer by the day.

And they do contain a decent handful of vets that could see run on a contending squad whose contracts are the ever-valuable experiencing.

Turner and Crabbe are the two most likely to find their ways into a playoff team’s rotation down the stretch, but the Hawks don’t have a huge piece like they’ve had in the past. Players like Kent Bazemore, Ersan Ilyasova, Marco Belinelli, Jeremy Lin, and Kyle Korver in the past handful of years all held more trade value than the above guys.

This, combined with the report that a team official was seen promising Trae young “help soon,” leads me to believe the Hawks will be buyers this season.

No, they’re not going to be the market for the typical trade deadline ‘rentals’, but if they could find a piece that could help both this season and in the future, they could go for that.

I still wouldn’t be at all surprised if one or more of Parsons, Crabbe, and Turner still are sent away in some form, and the Hawks have a plethora of young talent they can attach to their money to make a potential trade work.

Regardless of buying or selling, the Hawks should have a busy next few months.

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We’ll have more concrete trade ideas for the Atlanta Hawks throughout all of NBA trade season, which again, opens on December 15th.