5 Atlanta Hawks Trade Packages for Andre Drummond

Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /
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Putting together three potential trade packages for the Atlanta Hawks to send to Detroit for Andre Drummond.

According to Woj, the Atlanta Hawks are currently engaged in trade talks with the Detroit Pistons for 2 time All-Star Andre Drummond.

The center, who has lead the league in rebounding three separate seasons, would obviously be a big get for the Hawks who struggle mightily on the glass.

Drummond suddenly appearing on the market likely instantly makes him the best big man available this trade season, the position Atlanta needs most.

We’ve already taken a look on why Drummond would be a good fit in the ATL, and here we’ll be looking at some packages that could actually get the job done.

1. The Pick-centric Deal

Two 1st rounders can seem like a lot, especially when they’re both this year.

However, you have to keep in mind that the Hawks will nearly certainly be picking in the lottery this year, pushing that pick back to the next year or two, when their hopefully better.

The Nets pick is the one going to be included in most of these proposals, as it carries good value with the Nets likely to just sneak into the playoffs. The pick will likely end up somewhere in the 16-20 range, thus conveying to the Hawks, or in this case, the Pistons.

Either Chandler Parsons, Allen Crabbe, or Evan Turner will also be included in most of these deals, just for the money to work.

Parsons is clearly not in the rotation in Atlanta, so he’s probably the best case.

The Pistons shed major money here, picking up two firsts along the way, although they’d have to wait a few years for the Hawks’ own pick to convey.