Atlanta Hawks rumored to be interested in adding Jakob Poeltl

The latest name in the Atlanta Hawks center search rumors revolve around San Antonio Spurs big man, Jakob Poeltl.

Everyone knows the Atlanta Hawks need all and any help they can get. Their biggest opportunity for improvement is by acquiring a center before the trade deadline.

The team has been tied to Andre Drummond of the Detroit Pistons. Drummond is the best center the Hawks could realistically acquire, as the UConn product leads the NBA in rebounds per game at 15.7. Being the one of the best players on this year’s trade market, the asking price for Drummond will understandably be high. As of now, no teams are offering the Pistons first-round picks, and Detroit isn’t budging. If the Hawks don’t want to give up a first-round pick, they will have to wait until closer to the deadline when the Pistons will likely take whatever they can get.

The team has also been tied to Steven Adams from the Oklahoma City Thunder. While this might be a bit more far-fetched than acquiring Drummond, as the Thunder have been surprisingly competitive and might want to see what damage they can do in the playoffs, Adams might be a better fit. He is among the best screen setters in the NBA, and he is one of the better rebounding centers in the league. His defense would cover for John Collins’ lapses on that side of the floor and he would probably have a lower asking price than Drummond.

The latest rumor from Michael Scotto of Bleacher Report suggests the Hawks have been eyeing San Antonio Spurs center Jakob Poeltl. The former ninth overall pick from the 2016 draft isn’t a star like Drummond or a staple of his team like Adams, but he is younger and cheaper than the alternatives. In the past, the Spurs have been reluctant to make trades, especially with their Western Conference rivals. Luckily, the Hawks are not one of those Western Conference rivals, but I feel a deal is still unlikely. The Spurs don’t have much size in their frontcourt. LaMarcus Aldridge plays at an All-Star level, but at 34-years old, the Texas product is averaging his second lowest point per game total since the 2009-10 season. When Aldridge decides to call it a career, the Spurs frontcourt will be barren, showing Poeltl’s importance to the team. Unless the Hawks were going to overpay, I can’t see them making a deal out for Poeltl.

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Even though the Hawks probably won’t be able to pry Poeltl away from the Spurs, it’s more than likely they find one somewhere before the trade deadline.