Trae Young Drafted 8th to Team Giannis: Too Low?

Reacting to Trae Young being drafted 8th in the NBA All-Star Draft.

After a very busy deadline that saw the Atlanta Hawks acquire three centers, the NBA wasted no time in the news cycle. Just a few hours following the deadline clock struck zero, the NBA All-Star Draft took place, with captains LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo picking their teams among the player pool, which included Trae Young.

Young, who’s set to be a starter in the game ten days from now, was drafted last out of the starters’ pool, joining team Giannis at 8th overall.

For the rest of the starters, LeBron had the first pick, predictably taking his teammate Anthony Davis there. Giannis answered with Joel Embiid, his “African brother”, the other lone true center. Bron came back with Kawhi Leonard, taking all three L.A players.

Antetokounmpo took his other “African brother” Pascal Siakam, before Bron took Luka Doncic, the other sophomore on the board. Giannis came back with three starters left on the board, taking Kemba.

Bron finalized his starting five by taking James Harden, leaving Trae Young to play alongside Kemba, Pascal, Embiid and Antetokounmpo on team Giannis.

If you noticed a pattern, you’re not alone. It’s officially East vs. West again, at least with the starters, with Giannis taking all four East starters and LeBron taking all the four from the West.

Trae, Kemba and all of Giannis’ starters will share the court the below reserves:

Trae being drafted last in the starter’s round was admittedly a bit disappointing, but being an All-Star starter is already an honor in in it’s own right, espically in just his second season.

Ice Trae will represent the Atlanta Hawks in a big way on All-Star weekend, appearing in the Rising Stars Game and Three-Point Contest as well as the big game.

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What do you think? Was he drafted to low? Just right? Let us know on Twitter @Soaringdwnsouth .The All-Star Game will take place February 16th in Chicago.

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