NBA Mock Draft as NCAA Season Suddenly Ends

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NBA Mock Draft after the NCAA season suddenly comes to a close

Mid March is usually when NBA mock draft season heats up, but this is no ordinary year. The Coronavirus has taken the sports world by storm, with the NBA, NHL and MLB all suspending their seasons.

Although initially set to play the game without fans in attendance, the NCAA cancelled March Madness in response to the growing fear. It ends the season of every team and the collegiate career of seniors, and underclassmen declaring for the NBA.

It’s obviously better to be safe than sorry, especially with two NBA players already testing positive for COVID-19. Still, it’s a bummer that we’ll be missing out on one of the best sporting events of the year.

In terms of draft stock, there’s always 3-4 players that shoot up big boards with strong tourney runs, and we won’t see that kind of movement this season. The NCAA season is over, and if the NBA doesn’t resume, the draft is next up.

This is just our NBA mock draft 2.0, but very well could be our last given the lack of player and team movement.

Without further to say, let’s get going with our NBA mock draft:

Draft positioning based on records as of 3/12/20. 

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