How Current Atlanta Hawks Looked in March Madness

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How Current Atlanta Hawks Looked in March Madness.

The news that the Atlanta Hawks’ and the rest of the NBA’s season would be delayed came on Wednesday. On Thursday, the NCAA followed suit by cancelling the March Madness Tournament.

These actions are precautionary due to growing fear surrounding the Coronavirus, which two members of the Utah Jazz tested positive for, as well as NBA/NCAA talking head Charles Barkley.

Yes, for the first time since its creation, we will not have a NCAA basketball Tournament. No sweet sixteen Cinderellas, no first-round upsets, no Final Four, no One Shining Moment.

With the lack of basketball — professional and collegiate — now’s a good time to look ahead to the future, but also into the past. Here we’ll be looking at how every current member of the Atlanta Hawks did in March before they were Hawks. They have a very young roster so we won’t have to go to far back, and you should remember most of their history after a quick reminder.

Let’s talk a walk down a March Memory lane in this dire time without Atlanta Hawks basketball, shall we?

Note: Atlanta Hawks players Charlie Brown, Clint Capela, and Dewayne Dedmon never appeared in a March Madness game.

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