How the NBA Season Suspension will Affect Atlanta Hawks Players’ Financials

Looking at the Atlanta Hawks’ fallout from COVID-19.

The financial impact of the Coronavirus is becoming more apparent by the day as businesses are closing and numerous people are out of work. Nearly everyone’s wallets are being impacted by the pandemic, basketball players as well. Let’s go over a few ways these athletes will be affected by the suspended NBA season and how some Atlanta Hawks players contracts are currently in limbo.

Declining BRI will negatively impact players salaries

Under the current CBA, the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) is entitled to 50% of all basketball related income (BRI). Basically meaning that the players are entitled to half the earnings from revenue related to the games such as ticket sales and broadcast and licensing rights. With the season being put on hold right now, with the possibility of cancelling all together, no one is purchasing tickets to games and they aren’t being broadcast on air. The salary cap and players salaries will trend in the same direction as the BRI, which is currently in a negative direction. This is going to put a big dent in the players pockets.

Two-Way players will face uncertainty

The last day to sign or convert a two-way contract is set for the last day of the regular season, which would have been April 15 before the pandemic led the league to suspend play. Now, it is uncertain how the NBA will handle this deadline. The Hawks still have a two-way contract with guard Charlie Brown Jr. who is likely anxiously waiting to see how this situation will turn out. Brown has played in 10 games for the hawks, with no meaningful minutes, only averaging around two points per game.

Brandon Goodwin‘s guaranteed date up in the air

Guard Brandon Goodwin is also facing uncertainty with the NBA season on pause. The former two-way guard for the Hawks signed a multi-year contract with Atlanta back in February that is only guaranteed if he is not waived by August 1. With the season put on pause, it is likely that we will see his date adjusted to a later time, but it makes perfect sense for the Hawks to keep Brandon Goodwin on the roster and fully guarantee his contract. Jeff Teague is a more expensive and older backup point guard. Goodwin has shown that he is a very serviceable and capable backup point guard for this team. It would be the most cost effective for the team to not re-sign Teauge, and make Brandon Goodwin the permanent backup point guard.

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