Trae Young is having a lot of fun on social media during the NBA hiatus

Players are getting awfully bored while self quarantined during the NBA hiatus, but Trae Young is certainly making the most of it.

A lot of NBA players have been active on social media during the NBA hiatus but none have been more entertaining than the Atlanta Hawks own, Trae Young. Let me take you through a few of the wild and crazy things that Trae has been up to over the last couple of weeks.

Trae started his string of tweets and Instagram posts on March 13 with this tweet.

He quickly followed that up with this tweet the very next day.

I mean, this is absolute gold by Trae Young. The man literally said he was learning to play video games and the next day claimed to be good? This level of irrational confidence is clearly what gives Trae the ability to pull up from 40-feet on any given night.

Now, this is pretty funny, but Trae Young must have got bored of video games pretty quickly because he was only just getting started. On March 16 Trae posted on both Instagram and Twitter this video with a #InHouseChallenge and it absolutely blew up.

If I’m being honest, it’s clearly working to keep his shot right. In this clip, Trae made 18 of 20 sock balls. If only he would have performed that well in the three-point contest…

Things only got weirder from here. After Trae was done shooting sock balls around he managed to find himself a real basketball and a surgical mask? Although he couldn’t manage to find a shirt. As he posted this photo to Instagram on March 21.

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❄️ M A S K E D T R A E ❄️ #QuarantineWork

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I mean… I don’t even know what to say about this. At least he is taking the right precautions? Let’s just move on.

The next day, on March 22, Trae responded to this tweet from @SLAMonline.

I mean, Trae’s right, he should absolutely be considered in the Mount Rushmore of greatest single-season college basketball performers. In Trae’s lone season at Oklahoma, he averaged 27.4 points and 8.7 assists per game on .422/.360/.861 shooting splits. These are absolutely insane numbers that warrant being in the conversation.

On March 23, Trae Young continued with the controversial basketball conversation by answering some fan questions on Twitter. When a fan asked who his top five all-time NBA players were, this is how he answered.

Oh, but they did @ him… everyone @’d him. This top five got a lot of people riled up on social media and made for some great content over the next few days. However, Trae Young’s father came to his defence on Twitter tweeting this explanation for his top five.

That’s pretty fair honestly. Trae isn’t likely to have seen much from the likes of Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain or other great players that some of the older generations may have as top five locks, so it’s an understandable top five in my opinion.

After Trae Young got bored of his relatively serious NBA debates and discussions, he took to Instagram for his weirdest, and funniest post yet. Unfortunately, he has since deleted the post but fortunately, we were able to screenshot it just in time to tweet it out for all of your enjoyment (p.s follow @SoaringDwnSouth on Twitter!).

He’s presumably poking fun at his less than ideal hair genetics which is just great fun. However, I’m not really sure why Trae felt the need to delete this post… it’s absolutely hysterical!

It’s safe to say Trae Young has been one of the funniest NBA players on social media during this unforeseen break. Let’s hope he keeps it up.