Atlanta Hawks: 3 free-agents that could get them into playoff contention

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3. Kent Bazemore

This honestly makes too much sense. I think a Hawks-Bazemore reunion would make everyone happy, including Hawks fans. Kent Bazemore had the best four seasons of his career for the Hawks from 2015-2019 and he could easily come back and reproduce that performance. Even throughout being traded twice in the last year, Bazemore has continued to provide consistent production regardless of which team he’s playing for.

Bazemore is a 30-year-old wing that is a really solid contributor both in terms of three-point shooting and defense. Most recently, Bazemore shot 38.6 percent from three and averaged 1.2 steals per game for the Sacramento Kings. He also had a huge impact on the Kings finally catching their stride and making a late push for the playoffs before the NBA season came to a standstill.

Most importantly, Kent Bazemore is a great chemistry guy. He will be able to come back to Atlanta and mesh easily with all the young guys on the roster. He’s proven he can do it, both in Atlanta and on other young teams like the Kings. Bazemore is just a great team player and could certainly help the Hawks in taking the leap into playoff contention as soon as next season.