Hawks Talon GC eliminated from 2KL tournament by Wizards DG

The Hawks Talon Gaming Club has an early second-round exit in the 2K League tournament after facing up against the Wizards District Gaming.

The Hawks Talon GC were eliminated from the NBA 2KL Three For All Showdown during the second round on Thursday night. They were swept in a best of three series to the Wizards District gaming. The Hawks put up a tough defensive effort against the Wizards, but the team’s 7-footer and skilled shooting ability kept them from any sustained success.

Just_Awkard, a 7’3” small forward for the Wizards, finished with 10 rebounds and an A grade in the first game of the series.

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The Hawks found little success getting any defensive rebounds with Just_Awkward taking up most of the space under the rim, snagging the ball as it came off the virtual backboard and passing it back out to PG ReeseDaGod. The Wizards won the first game 21-15.

The Hawks weren’t able to make any effective adjustments in the second game of the series, as the Wizards hit the court with the same momentum they created in the first game. Even though the Hawks shot with better accuracy, the Wizards had many more opportunities to score because of their offensive rebounding proving second-chance points.

Just_Awkard, the star of the park, racked up nine rebounds and two blocks on BPs layup attempts. The game ended with a final score of 21-18 in the Wizards favour.

With the NBA 2K League season still on pause amid the coronavirus, we are not sure when we will see the Hawks Talon Gaming Club team play again.

The biggest takeaway from this tournament for the Hawks was Lee’s performance. Even though the offense runs through BP,  Lee’s incredible ability to contribute on both sides of the ball could have him becoming the most valuable player for the team.

In the first game, Lee finished with four points, five rebounds, a steal, and the only A+ grade between both teams. Between the Hawks Talon GC and the three opponents they faced during the tournament, Lee is the only player to have held an A+ grade not only once but twice. This included professional opponents in the Knicks gaming and Wizards District Gaming.

Hawks Talon GC Head Coach Wesley Acuff said “Lee is a beast on both sides of the ball. It doesn’t surprise me that he came out with strong grades. The tournament was fun, and we are looking forward to watching him compete once our season starts.”.

It will be interesting to see the Hawks 2020 first-round draft pick develop over the course of the season.

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