Atlanta Hawks: 5 players for Cam Reddish to study during suspended play

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Cam Reddish is one of the Atlanta Hawks most exciting young stars. Here are five players that he should study to try and maximize his career.

Upon coming into the NBA Cam Reddish got compared to pure NBA scorers such as Rudy Gay and Joe Johnson. And while these guys are certainly what Reddish should be striving for on the offensive end of the floor, he’s shown a lot more defensive upside then Gay or Johnson ever did.

At 6’8 Cam Reddish has the ability to be a versatile combo-wing that can both score at a high clip and defend at an elite level. He showed flashes of being able to do all of that this season, however, he was unable to do anything consistently.

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If Reddish wants to take the next step in becoming a potential All-Star or All-NBA player in the league, he’ll need to become much more consistent and he’ll need to improve on his still relatively raw skills.

One way Reddish could improve his skillset is by watching and studying other NBA players that he should aspire to be like. There are a lot of wings in the NBA that have attributes similar to Cam Reddish, however, it’d be best if he was studying the best of the best.

For Atlanta Hawks fans, Cam Reddish is a beacon of hope that the team can one day win another NBA championship. The fact that his ceiling appears so high is both exciting and scary at the same time. Hopefully, he’s able to reach that ceiling.

Let’s take a look at five guys that make sense for Cam Reddish to study during this NBA hiatus.

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