Atlanta Hawks: 4 worst draft picks the team has ever made

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Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images
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The Atlanta Hawks have certainly hit big on some picks in the team’s history, but today let’s look at the Hawks biggest misses in their draft history.

The Atlanta Hawks, like most NBA teams, have had their fair share of hits and misses in the NBA draft throughout the years. Just this past week we took a look at some of their biggest hits in the teams drafting history, but today, let’s take a took at the misses.

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The Atlanta Hawks, as of late, have been quite successful in the draft which is good because they have been drafting near the top for the past few years. However, things haven’t always looked this good in terms of draft prospects panning out.

The early 2000s was filled with terrible drafts and terrible draft picks throughout the NBA and the Atlanta Hawks were no exception. Two of the Hawks four worst picks ever were picked in back-to-back years during this time, both were top 10 picks and both failed to live up to expectations.

Misses in the draft are bound to happen because it’s simply not a perfect science. Teams have always struggled when it comes to drafting and it’s something teams will continue to struggle with for the rest of time.

Unfortunately, the Atlanta Hawks have had many more than just four huge draft misses in their history, but today we’re just looking at the worst of the worst. Thus, late first-round picks and second-round picks are virtually out of the discussion. This list is reserved for guys that were touted as future All-Stars and never came close.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the fourth-biggest miss in Atlanta Hawks draft history.