Atlanta Hawks: One Potential Off-Season Trade With Each Team

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Making a trade partner out of all 29 teams for the Atlanta Hawks.

Let’s have some fun as we begin the second half of what’s already been a long off-season for the Atlanta Hawks.

Nothing in the NBA is more fun than trades, and while my petition to make NBA Trade Deadline a national holiday hasn’t gained much steam, summer trades can be just as entertaining.

It opens up the door for more possibilities with sign-and-trades being possible, draft picks have more value with the lottery standings set, and most the time, teams are less hesitant to trade star players in the summer than in the middle of the season.

For the Atlanta Hawks, summer trades have become routine since Travis Schlenk took over as GM, and just last year the team did quite of bit of trading during the off-season. Kent Bazemore, Omari Spellman, and Taurean Prince were all moved, and the team jumped from eight to four on draft day.

This year, the Hawks have a more defined nucleus moving forward, but could still make a few phone calls. Specifically, they could be in the market to trade out/down of their top pick, with the upcoming draft class looking much deeper than it is top-heavy.

That is not to say they couldn’t make some home run trades either, which would cost them one or two of their young studs.

Here, we’ll be mocking up 29 fake trades that the Hawks could potentially do this summer, one with each team, starting with the Boston Celtics.

Don’t worry, Trae Young isn’t included in any of the trades.

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