Late-Bloomers? 3 Atlanta Hawks Who Had Good Careers After Leaving Team

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Finding three players drafted by the Atlanta Hawks who improved after leaving the team.

It’s always frustrating to see your team trade away a player only to see that player do well on another team. It’s also something that Atlanta Hawks fans have seen quite a bit in the last few decades.

Whether it is the system fit, a late-blooming player, or another reason, players often thrive after getting a change of scenery after struggling or just not taking the next step in their last home. If Clint Capela breaks out next season for the Hawks, he’d be a great example of this actually working in Atlanta’s favor.

Here we’ll be taking a look at three times where this didn’t work in the Hawks’ favor, highlighting three players who went on to have solid careers after leaving the ATL.

I’m not including players who the Hawks drafted then traded right after, never playing a game for the team like Luka Doncic, Kelly Oubre, or Pau Gasol.

Here are three players who were drafted by the Atlanta Hawks but have better careers with other teams: