The Atlanta Hawks Have a Jeff Teague Dilemma

Questioning whether or not the Atlanta Hawks should re-sign Jeff Teague

The Atlanta Hawks brought back a former franchise cornerstone when they traded for Jeff Teague last January. It was a smart move for the team as they only gave up Allen Crabbe – who was out of the rotation by that point – in exchange for Teague and swingman Treveon Graham.

The trade wasn’t going to make the Hawks playoff contenders or anything but brought back a fan favorite to the team who could work as Trae Young‘s backup point guard.

In his 25 games back in Atlanta, Teague’s production was okay, with the 32-year-old point guard averaging fewer minutes per game than he has since his second season in the league.

His veteran feel for the game was much appreciated, with his lack of turnovers giving the Hawks’ second unit a polished feel that they weren’t getting when Brandon Goodwin was running the bench squad.

More than anything else, it was very refreshing to see the man who spent seven years in Atlanta back in a Hawks uniform. The franchise has had so much turnover in recent seasons, and having the familiar face back was honestly one of the best parts of the season.

That puts the Hawks’ front office in a tricky situation, as Teague is now an unrestricted free agent for the second time in his career. The Hawks, who still have an opening behind Trae Young have the funds to re-sign the 10-year veteran, but will they?

The case to re-sign Teague

The point guard free agency class is incredibly barren. The number of PGs who will be unrestricted and project to better than Teague is very few, and none have the built-in attachment to the city that he does.

Trae Young plays many minutes per game and won’t require a high-volume back-up, and taking a rookie to average just a handful of minutes could be seen as a waste when Teague could do that.

Finally, Teague should be able to be brought back for fairly cheap, and with next year’s free agency class looking a whole lot better, even a one-year deal for a good amount of money wouldn’t be the worst thing.

The case to not re-sign Teague

Going with someone younger who fits in Lloyd Pierce’s free-shooting offense better makes sense for a team that prides themselves on youth. The top of the draft is loaded with young point guards who could come in and contribute as a rookie such as Tyrese Haliburton, Cole Anthony, LaMelo Ball, and Killian Hayes.

Teague is only going to get older and continue to regress as an NBA player.

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It’s just another thing to watch during the Atlanta Hawks off-season which should be one of the busiest in recent franchise memory.

What do you think? Should the Atlanta Hawks re-sign Jeff Teague?



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