Nate Duncan Says Trae Young Might Have the Greatest Floater in NBA History

Trae Young #11 of the Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Trae Young #11 of the Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

Does Trae Young have the best floater in NBA history?

The Atlanta Hawks haven’t been in the news much recently. With the draft and free agency now months away, and the team not being apart of the league’s return to play in Orlando. Outside of mock drafts and mock trade articles, not a lot of people are talking about the team.

People continue to talk about Trae Young, however, the team’s young star. Nate Duncan, host of both the Dunc’d On and Hollinger & Duncan podcasts recently had a lot of nice things to say about Young.

In a recent episode of Hollinger & Duncan, the titular duo listed their picks for the best and worst players in the league for several categories such as “best dunker,” “best/worst passer,” and “best/worst three-point shooters,” among many others.

Trae Young was brought up a few times on the pod, specifically in the best passer and best floater conversations. Nate was particularly high on Trae’s floater, admiring his ability to hit it from range and calling him a “clear number one” in the NBA currently in that department.

Things only got more interesting in the next soundbite, with the podcast host dropping this bombshell:

“He might have the greatest floater in NBA history.”

It’s huge praise for Young, whose floater is consistency one of the league’s most consistent shots.

It was a plus for him coming out of college but wasn’t at the top of his scouting report either. Now, even with his elite passing, highlight-inducing nutmegs, and deep-range threes, the floater might be the best aspect of Trae Young’s game.

Young drove to the rim 19.9 times per game on average last season, third-highest in the league. A high percentage of those end with a floater, which for some players, is seen a negative – a win for the defense. For Trae and the Atlanta Hawks, it’s a huge positive and a nightmare for the opponent.

With just two seasons under his belt, Young still has a long time to go before his floater will be considered by the masses as the greatest in NBA history, but if Nate Duncan’s remarks are any indication, people are already catching on.

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Do you think Trae Young’s floater is the best in NBA history?