Atlanta Hawks: One Potential Free Agent Signing From Brooklyn Nets

One player the Atlanta Hawks could sign away from the Brooklyn Nets.

Continuing our series where we find one player from all 29 teams the Atlanta Hawks could sign this off-season. First, we explored why they should consider signing Brad Wanamaker away from the Boston Celtics, and now we’re moving onto the Brooklyn Nets.

The Nets’ roster is in an interesting place. They, of course, have two star players in Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, but the rest of the team isn’t built like your typical contending roster. They have a lot of young talent still on the roster that they acquired in the past five years of rebuilding.

It may mean that Brooklyn will have a lot of turnover this fall and the team will likely be active in the trade market.

The biggest name they’ll have becoming an unrestricted free agent this summer is sharpshooter Joe Harris, who has been a primary starter for the Nets in each of the last two seasons. Harris led the league in three-point percentage last year, and even though his numbers took a slight dip this season, he should still be a hot commodity when free agency opens.

It’s easy to see the Nets getting out-bid when it comes to Harris, something the Atlanta Hawks won’t have to worry about. The Hawks led the league in cap space and will able to sign whomever they want in October.

Harris is an intriguing option to bring to Atlanta, as he’s essentially a better (and more expensive) version of Kevin Huerter. Harris is a slightly better shooter from deep than Huerter and a few ticks better defensively as well.

Harris does have veteran leadership qualities the Hawks will be looking for now that Vince Carter is gone, but they’ll have to judge whether or not that is worth breaking the bank for, especially with the 21-year-old Huerter on the squad.

Whichever team signs him will be getting a high-volume perimeter shooter who’s likely to hit above 40 percent of his bombs. For the Atlanta Hawks, he would look very good catching and shooting off Trae Young‘s passes, but with a good amount of young wings already on the team, their money might be better spent elsewhere.

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