Atlanta Hawks Draft Lottery Primer: Odds and Potential Outcomes

Breaking down the Atlanta Hawks 2020 NBA Draft Lottery Odds for the last time.

For the first time since March, Atlanta Hawks fans finally have something to be excited for: the NBA Draft Lottery. The annual event is being held much later than usual this year, pushed back three months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the NBA restart moves into the playoffs, we now have finalized details on what teams will be participating in the lottery on Thursday. The Hawks are among those teams and will carry solid odds into the nationally televised event.

Atlanta Hawks draft lottery odds breakdown

This is the second year that the NBA has used their new odds to help offset tanking teams, giving the Hawks a 12.6 percent shot of winning the top pick. In total, they have a 48.1 percent chance of landing in the top four.

Their most likely landing spot is either sixth pick or seventh pick, however, as the team has 35.4 percent odds of owning one of those two picks.

The lowest they could go is the eighth pick but with just a 2.2 percent chance of landing there, it’s unlikely Atlanta will be picking outside the top-seven.

Full odds are below:

1st pick – 12.5 percent
2nd pick – 12.23 percent
3rd pick – 11.89 percent
4th pick – 11.46 percent
5th pick – 7.24 percent
6th pick – 25.74 percent
7th pick – 16.74 percent
8th pick – 2.19 percent

Last year, the team in the Hawks’ position was the Bulls, with Chicago coming into the event with the fourth-best odds. They landed the seventh pick, the worst outcome unless you want to count the very slim odds for the eighth pick.

The Hawks carried the fifth-best numbers in 2019 and “beat the odds” to land the eighth pick with just a 8.8 chance of doing so, lower than their odds of winning the number one pick. They’re due for some good luck this season.

You can watch this year’s NBA Draft Lottery on Thursday, August 20th on ESPN at 8:30 Eastern. May the ping pong balls bounce in the Atlanta Hawks’ favor.

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