3 Teams the Atlanta Hawks Could Trade With on Draft Night

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Picking three teams the Atlanta Hawks could trade with on draft night.

The NBA Draft is nearly here and that means the Atlanta Hawks are (finally) back in the news. They’ll be one of the most interesting teams to watch on the November 18th event, given the likelihood that they trade their pick.

The team could easily swap their sixth overall pick for some veteran help or put that pick together with one of their young players to pull off a blockbuster move.

Here we’ll be taking a look at three teams the Hawks could make a move with on draft night, starting with the Orlando Magic.

3. Orlando Magic

What they could offer: Evan Fournier, 15th pick, Terrance Ross, Aaron Gordon, Khem Birch, Mo Bamba.

If the Atlanta Hawks are serious about adding veterans, the Magic are a great place to look. Their roster is essentially full of role players to go along with borderline star Aaron Gordon and true All-Star Nikola Vucevic.

I’ve written in the past about Fournier’s fit with the Hawks and he’s certainly an intriguing option still. Is he worth the number six pick alone? probably not, but it could work if it looked something like this:

Hawks Get
Evan Fournier
2020 1st round pick (15)
Magic Get
2020 1st round pick (6th)
2020 2nd round pick (via Houston)

This is where Magic fans call overpay, and they’re probably right. But if the Magic are in rebuild mode (it’s unclear whether they or not), or prize a prospect that won’t fall to their 15th pick, this could work for both squads.

It is worth noting that Fournier has a player option which he has not opted into yet. If he opts out, this trade wouldn’t be possible, but the Hawks could sign him in free agency.

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