Atlanta Hawks: 3 Ways Trae Young can make the All-Star team in 2021

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Atlanta Hawks PG Trae Young needs to improve defensively to make the NBA All-Star game in 2021

The most glaring deficiency in Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young’s game, not that he has very many, is the fact that he struggles on the defensive end of the floor. While defense is often considered an energy and effort type thing, there’s definitely a technique that can make you better or worse at it. When you’re as small as Trae Young is, listed at just 6-1, it’s going to make it much more difficult to excel on defense, even if defense seems to be losing its value in the NB.–the champion Los Angeles Lakers would argue that this is untrue.

Young has shown flashes of his defensive abilities but will need to work on building that consistency.

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The Atlanta Hawks’ signing of Rajon Rondo this offseason was primarily to provide veteran mentorship for Trae Young, but there’s a defensive layer to this addition as well. Rondo was known as a defensive stopper in his years with the Boston Celtics, especially during their championship run. Also listed at 6-1, Rondo can do a lot to help Trae Young improve on the defensive end, whether it be showing him how to fight through or over screens, or just being a better communicator.

Young’s defense may also benefit from him spending less time on the floor. To complement their Rondo signing, the Hawks also grabbed Kris Dunn, former Chicago Bulls point guard Kris Dunn. Though he’ll miss the start of the season, Dunn should prove to be a valuable option for Lloyd Pierce and relieve some of Trae Young’s defensive expectations.